Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Fairhaven Pre-school provides an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, are supported to reach their full potential within a caring environment.

We believe that every child should have the best possible learning opportunities and we therefore promote inclusive practice. We recognise that some children may have particular needs and we meet those needs through a range of SEND strategies; including working with colleagues in Health, Education and Social Care.

We welcome children who may already have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) and we work with families and professionals to ensure each child is fully integrated within our group. We adhere to the DfES Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2014), and we publish our services through the Norfolk County Council ‘Local Offer’.


The promotion of equality is an important part of the early year’s sector and is underpinned primarily by
the Equality Act 2010.

We believe that if children are to achieve positive outcomes and to reach their learning potential, it is
essential that their rights are promoted and protected.

All children and their families have the right to:

  • Equality- as professionals we recognise that some children have greater barriers to achieving the same outcome, we will discreetly work with children and their families to remove these barriers.
  • Inclusion- we will work to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, by fostering good relations with and between families.
  • Diversity- we acknowledge and respect people’s individuality. Through the activities and resources provided, we aim to ensure that all children are encouraged to celebrate diversity and develop a good awareness of different communities.


By using the principle that inclusion is a right for all children, we make sure that every child.

  • has an equal chance to learn and develop
  • participates equally in activities
  • is given the opportunity to communicate in their preferred format
  • has their individual needs known and met
  • feels safe and know they belong
  • is valued as a unique individual and
  • feels strong and confident about their identity.

Emma is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), and our Equality Named Co-ordinator (ENCo), and is happy to answer any questions or discuss these roles further. See our Contact Us page to call, email, or arrange a visit to the setting, where individual needs and requirements can be discussed in more detail.