Info & Fees – FAQs

Starting at pre-school is one of those big milestones for you and your child. It can also be a bit worrying thinking of your child leaving you, maybe for the first time. We have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help during this period of change.

Can my child start pre-school if they are still in nappies?
Yes. We change nappies as and when required. Please provide spare nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for your child. We will work with you with toilet training as the time arises.

What snacks and drinks are provided?
We encourage children to adopt a healthy and nutritious diet, therefore we provide fruit and vegetables for snacks. For drinks we have water or milk. Children with special requirements/allergies are accommodated. Children can help themselves to water during the morning.

How much outside physical do the children participate in?
We have a fully enclosed outside play area, which is accessible to the children at all times. The children have their
own vegetable plot, which they plant, water and grow fruit and vegetables for snacks or to take home.

What should my child wear to pre-school?
It is best to wear old clothes because we do get messy! Please be prepared as well for muddy clothes after outdoor play. We have all-in-one rain suits for the children to use and spare wellies if needed. It is also best to put your child in clothes that are easy to undo, this helps your child when they go to the toilet and want to undo their own clothes. Staff will help them of course, but children like to be independent and try for themselves. We have a uniform which is available to order however this is not compulsory.

Does the pre-school teach the children letters and help the child to write?
At pre-school we focus on mark-making, for example handling and using pencils, scissors that increase a child’s fine motor skills and manual dexterity in preparation for writing, and pre-reading skills e.g. singing nursery rhymes and poems, joining in stories. If your child wants to they will be encouraged to recognise and trace their name and letters. Personal, social and emotional skills are extremely important for the children, so that they can learn to interact with their peers, talk in a familiar group, feel good about themselves and become independent. We focus on this area and have good reports that this helps the children when they start at school in a positive way prior to formal education. The Early Years Foundation Stage, which includes the first year at school, recognises that children need less formal training in their early years.

My child cries whenever I leave him/her at pre-school what should I do?
It is hard when your child cries when you leave them but it is also natural. However, if you say goodbye to your child and tell your child that you are coming back a bit later they will be less anxious and will soon become more confident leaving you. We will work with you to settle your child by planning the transition into pre-school to suit each individual child.